Met Gala 2022: Emma Chamberlain spotted wearing a necklace from the Maharaja of Patiala!

Met Gala remains in the news every year due to the fashion sense of celebs.

Popular Internet sensation Emma Chamberlain also grabbed everyone's attention with her looks at the Met Gala 2022

Emma arrived at the Met Gala wearing a historic neckpiece, which has now come into the limelight.

It is claimed that the neckpiece that Emma wore was the noble chokerpiece of Maharaja Patiala Bhupinder Singh.

For this reason, now more noble chokerpieces are being discussed on social media than Emma's looks.

Some say that the neckpiece that Emma is wearing has been stolen from India. One user wrote, ' #Thanks Cartie. These are the jewels of the Maharaja of Patiala.

This is a stolen jewel in Indian history, not a fancy piece given to celebs.