Check here for Ekta Kapoor Reality Show “Lock Up” Season Winner and Contestants..!!

    During the last challenge, Shivam, one of the most entertaining contestants of the show, won and became the finalist. Shivam has shown to be a formidable opponent and a valuable member of the team.
    Posted on Thursday, 04/21/2022, 10:54 am Ekta Kumaran

    Ekta Kapoor’s new reality show, “Lock Up” has premiered on MX Player and ALTBalaji, where 17 contestants are jailed and have to play a game to get out alive. It has received positive response from the crowd. He made his OTT debut as the host of the show. The whole scheme is a ploy to put you in jail.

    Contenders are trying their best to make it to the finals of the show. The work of the climactic was in full swing in the last episode. Shivam and Anjali were the only candidates in the final round, and they needed the support of the other finalists.


    In the end Shivam got the most votes and won the challenge. As a result, he made it to the inaugural final of the show. Shivam has been a participant in this game from the very beginning. The audience has a love for him. They see him as a formidable opponent.

    Despite the fact that the season finale is still several weeks away, viewers of the show are already speculating about who will win the first season. Recently, when jailer Karan Kundrra said something, the supporters went crazy.

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    Kundra was recently questioned by the paparazzi about Munawwar Farooqui’s game in lock up, during which he interacted with the latter. As soon as he heard this, the contestant of Bigg Boss 15 replied, “Munawwar toh lock up ka sher hai”.

    In the video below, there is a lot of speculation about Karan congratulating Munavvar, which is a big clue to the identity of the winner. The hashtag “Lock Up Ka Sher Munawar” is trending on Twitter.

    On the other hand, Karan Kundrra has praised Munavvar earlier. Initially, Jailer’s comments about the comedian’s gameplay can be seen frequently.

    In his first appearance inside Lock Up, Karan said, “Munawwar is one of the reasons why you are trending out and using “very good strings”. Alt Balaji and MX Player are both streaming Ekta KapoorThe new show of, which launched on 27 February.

    Munawwar Farooqui was the audience’s choice in the first week of the show. Everyone fell in love with Munawwar because of his witty personality and adorable smile. Finale week would not be the same without Munavvar.

    Munawwar Farooqui has been a frequent presence during the game. Munavwar is said to be the kingpin of the robbery. In Munawwar Farooqui’s game, he knows when to move forward. Munawwar is the best player in the solitary confinement field.

    lock up contestant munavvar_

    Munavvar, on the other hand, is a tireless worker. Munawwar’s desire to move ahead in the game and win the show is clear. Munawari Has proven to be an excellent member of defence. Munawwar’s witty mind and innocent laugh leave everyone stunned.

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    Munawwar’s ability to grab the attention of everyone he comes in contact with has proven to be extremely beneficial in the sport. The audience enjoys the romance between Munawwar and AnjaliWhich is good news for the makers of the show. No doubt about it: this Munawwar Farooqui will win the lockup.

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