Balenciaga Slammed for $1850 “Destroyed” Sneakers

    Balenciaga’s newest high-end sneakers look like they’ve walked the runway a few thousand times. 

    The luxury French fashion brand recently unveiled its ad campaign for the limited-edition Paris Sneaker, which is designed to look (fashionably) destroyed with scuffs, tears and markings for $1,850. A less-tattered option, with only a few rips, runs $625.

    The price tags on the, um, lived-in looking shoes prompted backlash on social media, with singer-songwriter Neena Roe calling Balenciaga out for its “poverty-chic” design.  


    “They’re selling these sneakers that look like they belonged to someone who could only afford one pair of shoes their entire adulthood for *625 DOLLARS,*” she continued. “Unchecked capitalism is mind-boggling.” 

    “@BALENCIAGA just put out a new brand of ‘distressed’ shoes for sale- at $1850,” wrote another user. “Their choice to put these shoes on sale at this price allows rich people to wear poverty as a costume and cosplay the experiences of the poor – those forced to wear shoes like this out of necessity.” 

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